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ArtsWave Pride Grant Program Guidelines



In alignment with ArtsWave’s intention to promote and celebrate all the ways that the region is diverse, and to create inclusive arts experiences that are also exciting and innovative, ArtsWave Pride requests proposals for projects that may appeal to or have relevance to the broader LGBTQIA+ community.

Who May Apply

ArtsWave believes that strong arts create strong communities. To be eligible for the FY2020 ArtsWave Pride Grant Program, an organization must meet all the following requirements:

  • Have a primary mission to provide programs or activities in areas directly concerned with arts or cultural heritage for the public.
  • Provide programs or activities that celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community  
  • Have a 501(c)3 tax status or be non-profit in nature.
  • Be based in the Cincinnati-Middletown, OH-KY-IN MSA, which includes the following counties: Brown, Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren Counties in Ohio; Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, and Pendleton Counties in Kentucky; and Dearborn, Ohio, and Union Counties in Indiana.
  • Embody ArtsWave’ s commitment to access, equity, and inclusiveness.

Eligible Requests

The ArtsWave Pride Grant Program provides funding for arts or cultural heritage projects that promote and/or celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community advancing Cincinnati’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive community through the arts. A project is defined as a specific activity with explicit goals and objectives. Projects with multiple components and/or event dates must show a cohesive theme that ties the entire project together. 

This grant program is designed to provide both seed funding to support the development of new programming, as well as short-term operating support for existing programming with a demonstrated impact of inclusivity.

To be eligible for the FY2020 ArtsWave Pride Grant Program, the proposed programming should: 

  • Be participatory and social
  • Encourage personal investment in the organization and/or community
  • Seek to increase engagement 
  • Strive to reach those that are not already engaged

ArtsWave will not award grant support to organizations that, in their constitution, bylaws, or practices, discriminate against a person or group because of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or religious belief. In doing so, we seek to promote respect for all people.

Grant Amounts

Grant awards will be made up to $6,000.


Application Instructions

All application materials must be submitted via the online grantmaking system. We strongly recommend that you begin your online application well before the due date to familiarize yourself with the online grantmaking system and to address any technical concerns. While completing your application, remember these tips: 

  • Be brief, clear and direct, focusing on what is most important. 
  • Review panelists may have little or no prior knowledge of your organization. Create a stronger application by: 
  1. not assuming reviewers have extensive knowledge of all artistic disciplines;
  2. explaining acronyms; and
  3. explaining the characteristics of your community or audience as needed.
  • We recommend that you prepare your responses offline in a word processing program and then copy and paste them into the appropriate sections of the online application.
  • Limit the use of bullets and other formatting in text fields.
  • Add Impact@ArtsWave.org to your safe senders list to ensure that you receive all communications from the online grantmaking system.
  • Use one of the following compatible browsers: Chrome® v.22+, Firefox® version v.27+, Internet Explorer® v.8-10 (if enabled), Internet Explorer v.11, Safari® v.7+, or Edge®.


The application consists of the following sections:

A. Organization Information 

  • Organization Information *
  • Organizational Leadership *
  • Grant Contact *
  • Organization Overview *
  1. EIN {if 501(c)3}
  2. Annual operating budget
  3. Description of organization (150-word limit)

B. Details of Request

  • Project title (25-word limit) *
  • With which of the Blueprint Goals and Roles does the proposed project align? *
  • Describe how the proposed program aligns with the selected Blueprint Goal(s) and Role(s). (500-word limit) *
  • Describe how the proposed program promotes and/or celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community and our region’s diversity. (750-word limit) *
  • Describe your target audience and the outreach strategies you will use to appeal to target audience members and the broader community.  (150-word limit)
  • Projected number of participants to be served. * 
  • Anticipated project start and end date *
  • How will you measure the success of this program? Include both the measures you will use and the methodology you will use to collect the data. (250-word limit) *
  • Provide a proposed program timeline outlining key milestones. (250-word limit) *
  • List any organizations you will collaborate with for this program and briefly describe the nature of the collaboration. (250-word limit) 

C. Financials

  • Request amount *
  • How will the ArtsWave Pride grant funds be spent? (100-word limit) *
  • What additional funding or support is available for this program? (100-word limit) *
  • Attachments *
  1.  Most recent annual financial statement (attachment) * - Provide a one to two-page statement of revenue/support and  expenses for your organization’s most recently completed fiscal year. This summary document can be like what your organization presents to its board.
  2. ArtsWave Pride Project Budget (attachment). * - Blank copies of this form may be found on the Apply for Funding page.

*delineates a field required to submit

D. Statement of Assurances – An authorizing official will certify that s/he is authorized to submit the application on behalf of the organization and that the information submitted in the application is true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge.

All application materials must be submitted through the online grantmaking system by 5:00 pm EST on the deadline date. Late applications will not be accepted.  


Determination of Grant Amount

Applications will be reviewed by a panel consisting of community volunteers and awarded by the Board of Directors using the following criteria:

  • Strength of alignment with the purpose of the ArtsWave Pride Grant Program
  • Strength of alignment with ArtsWave’s Blueprint for Collective Action
  • Feasibility of the proposed project, timeline, and budget
  • Breadth and depth of the intended community impact
  • Adherence to ArtsWave grant guidelines

Requests may be funded in full or in part. If a request is partially funded, it will be funded at no less than 50% of the requested amount.


Grant Requirements

Upon notification of award, grant recipients must submit a grant acceptance form through the online grantmaking system. A single grant payment will be issued once the grant acceptance form has been received. 

If your program extends beyond 3 months, you will be required to provide a brief midterm update via e-mail outlining current successes, challenges and bright spots. 

A final report summarizing the program and documenting how grant funds were spent will be due within 30 days after the project’s completion and should be submitted through the online grantmaking system. Applicants will be ineligible to apply for funding if a previous final report for any grant program is outstanding. 

Any organization receiving ArtsWave funding must fulfill all grant requirements outlined in the grantee handbook for the duration of the grant period and accurately represent its organization and its activities in all documents submitted to ArtsWave.

Key Dates

Application Deadline *-November 1, 2019

Funding Decision- On or after December 6, 2019

Project Start Date **- Winter/Spring/Summer


* application closes at 5pm on the deadline

** projects that start outside of this timeframe may be deferred to a future application deadline


Contact ArtsWave

Additional application questions may be directed to Krista Bondi, Interim Grants Manager, at krista.bondi@artswave.org  or 513-632-0103 or Danielle Martin, Grants Coordinator, at danielle.martin@artswave.org or 513-632-0126.